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What is HRCI Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) Certification?

HRCI Associate Professional in Human Resources certification questions and exam summary helps you to get focused on the exam. This guide also helps you to be on aPHR exam track to get certified with good score in the final exam.

HRCI's Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) is the complete certification to help fast-track your career extension and give you the confidence to launch into the HR profession. The aPHR is the first-ever HR certification created for professionals who are just starting their HR career exploration and shows your knowledge of foundational Human Resources.

HRCI Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) Certification Summary

HRCI Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) Certification Exam Syllabus

  1. HR Operations (38%)

  2. Employee Relations (16%)

  3. Recruitment and Selection (15%)

  4. Compensation and Benefits (14%)

  5. Human Resources Development and Retention (12%)

  6. Health, Safety, and Security (5%)

HRCI Associate Professional in Human Resources (aPHR) Certification Questions

HRCI HR Associate Professional Sample Questions:

Que.:01. The ADDIE model is an acronym that describes the five elements of __________ design.


a) Interactive

b) Development

c) Instructional

d) Talent management

Que.:02. Which of the following terms refers to collapsing multiple pay ranges into a single-wide pay range?


a) Wide banding

b) Pay compression

c) Green circle rates

d) Broadbanding

Que.:03. According to Maslow’s hierarchy theory, which need must first be met?


a) Esteem

b) Security/safety

c) Self-actualization

d) Belonging/loving

Que.:04. Which of the following compensates employees who arrive at work but find that no work is available?


a) On-call pay

b) Reporting time pay

c) Premium pay

d) Travel pay

Que.:05. HR metrics are measurements used to determine:


a) The amount of supplies such as pencils and printer toner to order

b) How many Disneyland discount tickets to arrange

c) The value and effectiveness of HR performance such as turnover, training, return on human capital, and expenses per employee

d) The annual holiday party budget

Que.:06. Under the factor comparison method, jobs are evaluated through the use of:


a) Predetermined wage classes

b) A wage/salary conversion table

c) A scale based on compensable factors

d) A comparison with market pricing

Que.:07. Progressive discipline policies generally involve multiple levels of:


a) Management approval before a warning is possible

b) Increasingly severe disciplinary action

c) Employee appeal before disciplinary action

d) Supervisory explanation before approval of a warning

Que.:08. A private-sector employer does not have the right to:


a) Examine the contents of employee lockers and desks

b) Listen in on customer service representative phone calls with customers

c) Track drivers of company vehicles using GPS devices

d) Use cameras in the employee restroom to catch smokers who should not be smoking in the bathroom

Que.:09. Employment policies as laid out in the employee handbook can take precedence over union contracts.


a) If there is a conflict between the union contract and the employer’s policies, the contract will always win.

b) If a conflict arises, then the policy will always prevail.

c) Whenever there are different provisions in a union contract and employer policy, the differences must be arbitrated to resolution.

d) It is up to the manager of the unit involved to determine which will be applied in the given situation.

Que.:10. Occupational health is:


a) Using the most current scientific techniques to maintain employee attendance

b) An ultimate, unrealistic objective set by the government

c) Unrelated to personal health

d) A focus on the prevention of hazards in the workplace


Question: 01 Answer: c

Question: 02 Answer: d

Question: 03 Answer: b

Question: 04 Answer: b

Question: 05 Answer: c

Question: 06 Answer: c

Question: 07 Answer: b

Question: 08 Answer: d

Question: 09 Answer: a

Question: 10 Answer: d

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